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Welcome to my online portfolio. I’m a character animator since 2006 and specialize in stylized character animation. That’s what I’ve done for the longest time and love doing a lot. Of course, I can adapt my style of animation to any project needs. I work in 3ds Max, Maya, Motionbuilder, Cinema 4d and Blender. On top of that I also do create characters from scratch where needed. I use ZBrush for sculpts and Substance Painter for texturing and baking. 3ds Max or Maya is what I use for Rigging. There are times where I visualize a full scene and render it. Therefore, I create materials, ligthing and scenery within 3ds Max. Once it comes to rendering, I use VRay inside of 3ds Max.


The more I work digitally, the deeper a connection I get with tradition media. In my spare time, I love working in watercolor and ink. This helps me stay sharp and sharpen my visual abilities. I also tend to sketch poses for animation. At times, I act out a part of my needs for an animation. Even in front of a camera, as a character animator tends to do. This might be the reason why some of us are considered a bit weird :).


If you haven’t done so already before finding this text, have a look around. When you hover over a portfolio item, press the arrow pointing to the right. This will give you more info than the plus would do. I have a variety of content styles, but this one is still pretty popular. Even after quite some years, but it has been a lot of fun. There’s a little bit more info inside my about-page. Of course, I’d love to hear from you! Thanks for sticking around. Feel free to contact my via the info found within my contact-page or down below.

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